Wolf Van Halen Names The Greatest Drummer Of All Time But It’s Not His Uncle Alex


Mammoth WVH founder Wolfgang Van Halen started a question and answer event on his official Twitter account. After a fan asked whether he learned to play all instruments by himself and the name of his favorite drummer, Wolfgang dropped a bombshell when he picked someone else and skipped his uncle Alex.

As you probably know, Wolfgang Van Halen is a multi-instrumentalist like his late father, Eddie Van Halen. His first instrument was the drums, and he started playing it when he was at the age of nine after a few lessons from his uncle and Van Halen drummer, Alex Van Halen. Eddie Van Halen gifted him a drum set on his tenth birthday.

However, playing drums wasn’t enough for Wolf. So, he learned how to play guitar, bass guitar, and keyboards. Therefore, his extraordinary talent and endless passion for music helped him gain his father’s trust and appreciation. Wolf replaced Van Halen’s former bassist Michael Anthony and became the band’s new bassist when he was sixteen years old.

In his recent tweet, he revealed that he learned all these instruments by himself, but he didn’t forget to mention his father’s support when a fan wanted to know if his father Eddie taught him or not. The fan’s other question was about his favorite drummer, and Wolf answered it by saying that the greatest drummer was Led Zeppelin’s John Bonham but also sent a shout-out to his uncle Alex Van Halen.

Here’s what a fan asked:

“Did you learn to play by yourself or did your dad teach you?

What is your favorite childhood memory?

Who is the greatest drummer of all time?”

Wolf responded:

“Pointers here and there from my dad but never lessons, I’m self-taught.

That’s a really broad question I’m not sure haha

John Bonham, and shoutout to my uncle.

You can see the tweets below.