Why Stevie Ray Vaughan Hates David Bowie, Tommy Shannon Explains

Bassist Tommy Shannon recently spoke to Guitar Player and revealed how Stevie Ray Vaughan almost turned down David Bowie since he wasn’t a fan.

Bowie had first seen Vaughan and co. during their gig at the Montreux Festival in 1982. He’d been working on 1983’s ‘Let’s Dance’ album at the time, and it appeared the rocker had taken a liking to Stevie’s playing so much that, he decided to recruit him.

So, David gave a call to the guitarist at 3.30 AM, and Vaughan’s Double Trouble bandmate Shannon recalled picking up the phone and what the British musician wanted:

“He wanted to speak to Stevie, so I had to go wake him up and tell him, ‘David Bowie’s on the phone.’ They seemed to be talking for quite a while. When he came off the phone he told me that Bowie wanted him to play on his new album.”

However, Vaughan didn’t seem too interested since he wasn’t a fan of Bowie’s sound:

“Stevie never listened to David Bowie. The songs on ‘Texas Flood’ showed you what Stevie loved, you know? He respected Bowie, but he definitely wasn’t a fan per se. He thought he was talented, and he’d obviously had a great career.”

Still, the guitarist’s management wanted him to take on the offer:

“Management told Stevie he really had to do Bowie. They didn’t anticipate that there would be a conflict with ‘Texas Flood’ because at the time we hadn’t even secured a deal or anything. We didn’t even know that we were making an album.”

It seemed that Stevie’s management convinced the guitarist to join Bowie in the makings of ‘Let’s Dance’ as Vaughan played lead guitar on the album’s eponymous track.

Then, he came back to work with his band, Double Trouble, featuring Shannon and drummer Chris Layton, and recorded their debut ‘Texas Flood’ with them. The album was a commercial success, as Vaughan’s name started to dominate a revived blues scene.