Why Robert Plant Thinks Led Zeppelin Is ‘Out Of Fashion’ Unlike Deep Purple

Led Zeppelin and Deep Purple have been influential in the heavy rock scene with their unique sound and massively talented members. While Led Zeppelin became stars almost instantly after their debut album, it wasn’t until their fourth record that Deep Purple gained recognition. As two groups from the same era, many fans frequently compare the two acts.

While Led Zeppelin had a stable lineup that never changed, Deep Purple has changed its lineup many times over its long-time journey. These lineup changes naturally affected the direction of their music. They constantly revolved around different genres and styles, whereas Led Zeppelin established their music on more solid ground.

Led Zeppelin ended their career after their drummer John Bonham’s death, but Deep Purple has been still going on its way with differing lineups. Although Led Zeppelin fans occasionally bring the topic of reunion to the table, the remaining band members showed no interest in that apart from a one-time performance in 2007. Let’s see why Robert Plant closed the door for a possible Led Zeppelin reunion and thinks the band is ‘out of fashion.’

Why Did Robert Plant Compare Led Zeppelin To Deep Purple?

Following Led Zeppelin’s disbandment in 1980, Robert Plant didn’t leave the music scene and stepped into a successful solo career. His solo journey began with his debut album, ‘Pictures at Eleven,’ in 1982. Then, it was followed by ten more studio albums. Besides his solo career, the singer also formed new bands and collaborated with prominent artists.

In an old interview with Creem Magazine, Robert Plant reflected on his career path after Led Zeppelin. He said that he wanted to free himself from the band’s influence and stand out on his own. Although being in Zeppelin was very satisfying, and he loved it, he also needed to step out of his comfort zone and try something new.

Then, he explained whether that was why he was against doing a Led Zeppelin reunion tour. Robert Plant confirmed it and explained that it is meaningless to put Led Zeppelin together, unlike the other bands like Deep Purple, since he thinks they are old and ‘out of fashion.’ He appreciates the band’s enormous success and amazing chemistry but doesn’t think that reunion is a good idea.

Robert Plant’s words on the difference between Led Zeppelin and Deep Purple:

“Yes. Sure is. It was a great band. You can’t actually get it together, like Deep Purple or something, and take it out there. It’s incredibly old. It’s like doing the goosestep. It’s out of fashion. I don’t think it’s a good idea. But the whole thing was off the wall. It was crazy. One of those one-in-a-million combinations.”

According to his words, Robert Plant thinks what they did in the past should stay there since it won’t be relevant today. He probably would like to keep up with what music requires today and try different new things rather than repeatedly putting out the same works.