Why Ozzy Osbourne Cried For His Son Jack

Besides his musical talent, Ozzy Osbourne is a metal icon mainly known for his crazy moments, like his infamous bat incident. On January 20, 1982, it was reported that the Black Sabbath legend bit the head off a bat on stage. This caused great controversy among his fanbase, and it’s long-debated whether this actually happened or not.

When this incident made the headlines again, Ozzy’s wife, Sharon Osbourne, posted a video of her husband spending time with his pets, implying Ozzy was actually a warm-hearted person. It turned out to be true; the Prince Of Darkness is a very emotional man. In point of fact, he cried after hearing about the divorce of someone very close to him.

When Ozzy Osbourne Shed Tears

Ozzy Osbourne married his manager Sharon on July 4, 1982. The couple then had three children, Aimee, Kelly, and Jack. His son Jack Osbourne starred in MTV’s reality series ‘The Osbournes’ along with Ozzy, Sharon, and Kelly. Jack then pursued a career as a travel and fitness reporter and produced documentaries about his father.

Back in 2018, Jack Osbourne told his father he was getting divorced from his then-wife Lisa Stelly. Jack and Lisa have three daughters named Pearl, Andy, and Minne, and they finalized their divorce in March 2019. According to Sharon Osbourne, Ozzy felt heartbroken after the news because he knew it would be painful for Jack.

In an interview with People magazine in August 2019, Sharon Osbourne said that Jack had told Ozzy about this situation because Ozzy had been through a divorce when he split from Thelma Riley in 1982. Moreover, Sharon revealed Ozzy cried after hearing the news because he didn’t want Jack to experience that pain. Later, Ozzy’s worries turned out to be true since the divorce was tough on his son.

Here is what Sharon Osbourne said about Ozzy’s reaction to Jack’s divorce:

“With a guy, there’s only so much that I can say and do. He talks to his dad about that because Ozzy’s been divorced. When Jack said he was getting divorced, Ozzy cried because he said, ‘I’m crying for you because I know how painful it’s going to be because I’ve been through it, and I don’t want you to experience that pain.’ It’s not been good for Jack. The divorce has been really tough on him emotionally.”

A year after the divorce, Jack and Lisa were on good terms, and they both got over the emotional struggle divorce brought them. However, Ozzy Osbourne felt pretty worried and sad when he learned about his son’s decision to divorce because he had been through the same process.