Why James Hetfield Didn’t Like Lars Ulrich When They First Met, Ex-Metallica Bassist Clarifies

The original bass guitarist of Metallica Ron McGovney shared a post on his official Twitter page revealing special information about the time when iconic frontman James Hetfield and legendary drummer Lars Ulrich met for the first time and apparently, the two has a ‘smelly’ experience.

As many of you might know, Metallica was formed thanks to the iconic drummer Ulrich’s advertisement in a Los Angeles newspaper, The Recycler, in which he announced that he’s looking for metal musicians. The response came from James Hetfield who was a member of Leather Charm at the moment and the band was officially formed on October 28, 1981, five months after Ulrich and Hetfield first met.

However, the details about the time when they first saw each other have always been a subject of interest to many Metallica fans, and Mick Wall who is one of the leading rock and metal journalist in the world released a book named ‘Enter Night: A Biography of Metallica’ in which Wall revealed the history of the band, especially Ulrich and Hetfield.

In his book, Wall revealed that the future Metallica frontman did not have anything positive to say about Lars Ulrich when the two first meant since he was quite weird, on top of having a funny smell. Furthermore, Hetfield thought the iconic drummer himself could not even play drums properly back in those days.

Here is what Wall wrote in his book:

“Neither James nor Hugh had anything good to say about Lars. The kid was ‘weird’ and ‘smelled funny’ he couldn’t even really play drums.”

Recently, a fan who most likely saw Wall’s statements in the book shared a post on Twitter stating that James Hetfield did not like Lars Ulrich due to his bad smell when the duo first met, however, the band’s original bassist revealed the true story behind this statement by sharing a post on his official Twitter page.

Apparently, the ‘smelling’ situation was correct while the fact that Metallica frontman did not like Ulrich wasn’t completely true, according to Ron McGovney as he revealed that James Hetfield liked the legendary drummer regardless of his annoying attitudes such as being a control freak.

Here is what the fan said:

“Something I discovered in my research on Metallica: James Hetfield did not like Lars Ulrich upon their first meeting because he smelled really bad

Here is what McGovney said:

The odor story is true, but James liked him. I liked him. He was just so annoyingly persistent that he always got his way. Who couldn’t like a guy who packed his drum kit into that fishbowl of a car, the AMC Pacer?”

You can see the Twitter post below.