Why Jack White Doesn’t Put Up With The Music Press

Not everything we read on the Internet represents the reality of most events and situations, especially in today’s world, where a reader’s attention span for any form of content is approximately a minute. After briefly glancing at the title and first paragraphs of an article that has made it to the headlines, most people skip the details as they don’t capture their attention. This evolution of consumer behavior toward content has popularized clickbait headlines.

While some content writers ensure that their article features only verified information, most contemporary writers distort the details to attract more attention and don’t fact-check beforehand. Unfortunately, this has become very common, especially in the last few years, and the music industry is not excluded from this narrative whatsoever. In fact, artists and bands often deal with more misinformation on the Internet than on other outlets.

However, every artist reacts differently to what is being said about them. While some are used to people spreading crazy rumors about them and don’t bother to correct the information, some quickly correct the headlines and call out the news outlets for spreading false information about them. One of the artists fed up with the music press is the White Stripes’ Jack White, who has not been afraid to call out outlets for what they have written about him.

Jack White Is Not Afraid To Call Out The Music Press For Clickbait News

The Raconteurs, Jack White’s band with Brendan Benson, released ‘Help Us Stranger,’ after eleven years of not putting out any new material, in 2019. While White was doing press for the release of the album during that period, some articles took what he said in interviews and spun his words into clickbait headlines. However, Jack White chose to speak up about the misinformation about himself by calling out the news outlet.

In 2019, while speaking to the Irish Times, White jokingly said that the album arrived after eleven years because he had gotten addicted to heroin, and Brendan had quit alcohol. However, the news outlet’s headline made it sound like Jack White had seriously gotten hooked on heroin and neglected the band.

Instead of keeping quiet, Jack White decided to write a personal statement calling out the news outlet for spreading false rumors about him without properly fact-checking. He added that if they had read the article in its entirety, they would have understood that he was joking. The musician also noted that he had never done heroin or any other illegal drug and stressed that anyone close to him could approve of this.

Jack White’s words follow:

“Dear Spin, I’ve never done heroin or any other illegal drug in my life, and anyone close to me could confirm this. You could see that I was joking if you’d actually read the article in full. But, I suppose Spin never lets the facts get in the way of good clickbait.'”

You can listen to ‘Help Us Stranger’ through Spotify below.