The Real Reason Ozzy Osbourne Had To Cancel Ozzfest, Sharon Osbourne Explains

In a recent episode of the Osbournes Podcast, Sharon Osbourne revealed the actual cause of why Ozzfest was canceled by Ozzy Osbourne.

The festival has stood out as one of the most significant events in the rock and metal world during the late ’90s and early 2000s. The last Ozzfest happened on New Year’s Eve in 2018 in Inglewood, California. Sharon is the creator of Ozzfest, and she talked about why it ended, saying:

“It was a very weird beast because all the bands were our mates, but the managers were greedy, and for some reason, they thought that we were making billions on it, and we weren’t. We made a profit. But it was not like — we couldn’t retire on it. And managers and agents wanted more and more and more, and it just wasn’t cost-effective anymore. We stopped because it just wasn’t cost-effective.”

The Band That Wanted More Money

She then recalled a situation during the second or third Ozzfest when a band demanded extra money before they would perform, noting:

“Years and years ago, one of the bands — it was the second Ozzfest we did, or the third — wouldn’t go on stage until I agreed to give them 10,000 more dollars. And they were holding everything up, and I said, ‘Of course, of course, I’ll give it to you.'”

When her son, Jack, asked which band it was, she disclosed that it was Danzig. Sharon explained that she ultimately didn’t give in to their demand for extra money. The band decided to perform anyway, and she felt they were trying to take advantage by going back on their agreed contract, which both they and their agent had accepted.

Birth Of Ozzfest

In 1995, Sharon had wanted Ozzy on Lollapalooza’s lineup, but they said no, thinking he wasn’t cool enough. Then, she decided to make their own festival, Ozzfest, with Ozzy. Sharon reflected on how Ozzyfest was born, saying at the time:

“I just thought, ‘F*ck them.’ If Lollapalooza wasn’t able to see what Ozzy could give them, then we’d come up with our own metal version, only better.”

The first Ozzfest was in 1996, initially a two-day event. The next year, it turned into an annual tour, except in 2008, when it was a one-day event again. In 2010, it happened in different cities, but in most years, it was held in just one place.

Below, you can watch the full podcast episode.