Why Grunge Bands Wanted Iron Maiden To Die, Blaze Bayley Explains

One of the early vocalists of Iron Maiden, Blaze Bayley, spoke in a recent interview with MTV and talked about the time when he was singing for Maiden.

In the conversation, Blaze mentioned that they were at war with the grunge bands and said that they were trying to kill them, even the United Kingdom’s press wanted them dead.

While Blaze was pointing out that they had a gig in Seattle at the height of grunge, he also said that it was the worst gig they have ever done because people were looking at them like they were dinosaurs.

Moreover, Blaze stated that they were fighting for the existence of heavy metal with the grunge bands. Even though there were lots of people who hated them, Blaze revealed that there was also a small group that cheered for the Maiden.

Here is what Blaze Bayley said:

“When I was in Maiden, we were at war with grunge, man. Grunge was trying to kill us. The U.K. press, they thought the sun shone out of various bands’ bottoms, and they wanted Maiden to die. We went into the heartland of death — we played Seattle at the height of grunge, man, and it was one of the most awful gigs I’ve ever done.

There were these people looking at us like we were some kind of dinosaur, and they were going, ‘Why aren’t they dead yet?’ And then you’ve got a few rows at the front going, ‘Maiden! Yes!’ It’s just unbelievable.

And that’s the war that we had with ‘The X Factor’ and ‘Virtual XI’. We were fighting for the very existence of real heavy metal. And where are they now? Metal is forever, ’cause it’s in the heart of fans.”

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