Why Eric Clapton Hates All Oasis Records

Formed in 1991, Manchester-based English band Oasis led the Brit-pop movement of the mid-1990s by achieving massive commercial success and mainstream recognition. They distinguished themselves in that period by embracing classic rock and reviving the rock star image, unlike their grunge, punk, and metal peers.

They were recognized as superstars from the beginning due to the immediate success of their debut record, ‘Definitely Maybe.’ The band stood out with their aggressive sound and well-crafted lyrics, which turned into era-defining hits, and they revived the rebellious guitar sound and wild attitude of being a rock star.

Until their disbandment in 2009, Oasis remained faithful to their intention of playing pure rock and roll. Although they, so to speak, conquered the whole world during their active period, it seems like they weren’t appreciated by everyone. Eric Clapton was one of the names who weren’t satisfied with the band’s music and attitude.

Why Doesn’t Eric Clapton Enjoy Listening To Oasis?

Unlike earlier genres, rock and roll developed during the mid-1960s with a rebellious attitude against social and political norms. Its aggressive and individualistic attitude was conveyed through the lyrics, melodies, and the rock stars’ lifestyles. While rock music’s mainstream popularity started slowly declining in the 1990s due to the emergence of other genres, Oasis was determined to revive its true spirit.

The band came into the spotlight as the uprising rebels of rock and roll. While it may seem like a positive image for avid rock music lovers, not everyone, including the famous guitarist Eric Clapton, agreed. The musician spoke to Gabriel Grüner of Stern magazine in 1998 and made some negative comments about Oasis when asked whether he liked any of their albums.

The guitarist admitted that he was a part of the 1960s teenage rebellion against the adult-dominated culture, but he realized after witnessing so many tragic deaths that he had a responsibility toward society as an artist. So, he didn’t like Oasis’ irresponsible and arrogant music and attitude. Clapton would prefer them to act differently than they did, and he was disappointed with their self-righteous attitude, which also showed in their lyrics.

When asked whether he liked any Oasis record, Eric Clapton replied:

“No, because there’s something scornful, self-righteous about their music that nauseates me. I like bands like Radiohead or Tricky. But when I just want to feel good or need some comfort, I’m almost solely listening to modern rhythm’n’blues by Puff Daddy or Babyface.”

Although the guitarist revealed that he liked listening to Radiohead or Tricky, he didn’t prefer to put on their works when he needed to feel good. All in all, it didn’t seem appealing to Clapton that Oasis continued the rock and roll style they initiated. He found their attitude irritating and disrespectful.