Whitesnake’s Joel Hoekstra Shares Backstory Of Replacing Accept Guitarist

Whitesnake guitarist Joel Hoekstra appeared in a new interview with The Logan Show, where he discussed touring with Accept and replacing the guitarist, Wolf Hoffmann.

The guitarist will hit the road with Accept soon for their South American tour, and he was asked about the experience during the recent interview. He said:

“Yeah, it all clicked. It happened so quickly. And Wolf is just a real bright, sharp, super-friendly guy as well as being a great player.”

The rocker and Hoffman were connected way sooner than he expected:

“Sometimes you have people make those intros. [Michael Cartellone] connected us. First, Michael hit me and said, ‘Hey, I’m with Wolf Hoffmann.’ Sometimes the next thing is, like, ‘Well, I’ll connect you guys via text.’ And maybe that means a week later or maybe that means two weeks later or something, via e-mail or whatever. But it was literally five minutes later — not even; it was like a minute later.”

Hoekstra then went on to explain the plan that made sense, which eventually led to his place in the band as a touring guitarist:

“He said, ‘Okay, Wolf, here’s Joel.’ ‘Joel, [here’s] Wolf.’ And Wolf was, like, ‘Great.’ And I said, ‘Well, I’m in Nashville in a couple of days [with Trans-Siberian Orchestra]. Let’s have coffee.’ It was two days later or something like that, that we were all set and ready to go with this, because it made sense for both of us. They needed somebody to fill in for Phil Shouse, and I needed something to get out this year and play some of the bigger shows, be able to do the European festivals.”

Hoekstra Is Honored To Be In The Modern Shred Community

Last month, it was revealed that Joel Hoekstra would be taking on the role of a touring guitarist for Accept during their upcoming performances in Europe and South America. In a subsequent interview, Hoekstra discussed his own musical influences, expressing admiration for players with ‘ridiculous technical facility.’

Even though opinions on the current shred culture and the online guitar community are widely divided, Hoekstra is genuinely pleased to be embraced within that space:

“I actually feel honored that they let me participate in that community.”

Hoekstra is widely recognized as a current member of Whitesnake and is a part of Trans-Siberian Orchestra. His musical background includes collaborations with Cher, Night Ranger, Foreigner, and many other notable artists.

You can see the interview below.