Which Guitar Brand Does David Crosby Recommends For The Newbie Acoustic Guitar Players?

Stills & Nash guitarist David Crosby made yet another question and answer session on his official Twitter account and interacted with his followers.

As you might already know, Crosby has been using his social media accounts frequently especially after the coronavirus outbreak and lockdown restrictions. Since then, he has been answering almost every question he got on social media.

One of the fans of Crosby wondered which guitar brand Crosby would recommend for the people who just started to learn how to play guitar and Crosby’s answer was somewhat interesting.

Instead of picking the iconic and legendary brands such as Gibson, Fender, Jackson, and more, Crosby decided to suggest a least-known brand, Taylor, and surprised his followers with this answer.

One of the fans of Crosby asked:

“David, During Covid I started try and learn to play guitar. Can you recommend one that’s not too expensive but pretty good quality? Thanks.”

David Crosby replied:


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