When Ted Nugent Compared Green Day To Pink Floyd

Pink Floyd has become one of the most influential and commercially successful rock bands since its formation in 1964. The band members gained great fame and wealth thanks to their iconic records and unforgettable live performances, described as a theatrical and cinematic experience by critics and fans.

Pink Floyd has been not only an inspiring band for their fans but also other musicians and bands. Many shifted towards progressive rock and embraced the band’s style, featuring well-crafted compositions, sonic experimentation, and philosophical lyrics. However, there were others like Ted Nugent who thought that this perfection wasn’t important.

What Does Ted Nugent Think About Pink Floyd?

Even though Ted Nugent has been creating works entirely different from Pink Floyd’s progressive and rebellious style, he has also clearly stated that he respects Pink Floyd’s contribution to rock music in various interviews over the years. However, Nugent has also compared Pink Floyd to new generation bands and pointed out what they lacked.

Therefore, the Handsome Devil considers Pink Floyd one of the most groundbreaking bands of the rock scene, but according to him, there are more important things than perfect lyrics and sounds while creating music. Ted Nugent showed Green Day as an example to support his argument on this issue.

The Reason Why Ted Nugent Regards Greed Day Better Than Pink Floyd

Green Day is considered a member of the late ’80s and early ’90s Bay Area punk scene, and the band has been receiving very positive reviews from music critics and other rock musicians since their entrance to the scene. As one of them, Ted Nugent didn’t forget to credit Green Day’s works and show his appreciation by describing their music as ‘shit-kicker street dirt.’

In Nugent’s words, he said:

“To capture the essence of Green Day before they thought they were being musical, somebody was able to capture their shit-kicker street dirt, and I think shit-kicker street dirt, boy, am I really good at identifying what I want to say or what?

Shit-kicker street dirt is way more important than Pink Floyd making sure the keyboards and the guitar are technically perfect and I’m not knocking Pink Floyd.

I don’t dig melancholy music or stoner music, though I love King Crimson, ’21st Century Schizoid Man,’ what the hell. Shit-kicker street dirt is always more important than perfection musical minutia.”

Although Nugent’s words sound like he’s mocking Green Day, he emphasized that the band’s songs are more important than Pink Floyd’s excellently written and composed lyrics and sounds, which mostly reflected Roger Waters and David Gilmour’s artistic vision. He added that he has never been interested in ‘melancholy and stoner music,’ so he prefers Green Day’s punk rock style.