When Slipknot’s Corey Taylor Called Scott Weiland ‘A Lazy Piece Of Sh*t’


Slipknot lead singer Corey Taylor has an admirable music career that spans over nearly three decades. He has appeared on several monumental albums throughout his career, such as ‘Iowa,’ ‘We Are Not Your Kind,’ and ‘Slipknot,’ and contributed to other musicians’ projects.

However, his successful records and singles aren’t the only things Taylor is known for. He’s among other rockstars who seem to cannot help themselves but comment on other artists’ works. He mainly stands for his debatable opinions and never takes his words back regardless of being harsh from time to time.

In fact, there was one time when he referred to his fellow musician Stone Temple Pilots singer Scott Weiland as ‘a lazy piece of sh*t.’ The reason was a Christman album named ‘The Most Wonderful Time of the Year,’ and it was a disgrace according to the Slipknot icon. His later actions towards Weiland may surprise you; let’s take a look.

Corey Taylor Slammed Scott Weiland


During the spoken-word segment at his ‘An Evening With Corey Taylor’ appearance on November 28, 2011, Corey Taylor made fun of many subjects, including people who care about money more than the work they put out. He wanted to prove his point by giving the example of Scott Weiland, who had a Christmas album at that time.

Taylor made fun of the fact that the STP vocalist sang a Christmas song in a bad tuxedo with a serious attitude. The Slipknot frontman made it clear that Weiland is not a bad singer at all, and he’s a fan of Stone Temple Pilots. His intention by releasing a Christmas album, on the other hand, shows what a lazy person he is, especially when it comes to making money off of his music.

In his speech, Taylor said:

“Does anyone know who Scott Weiland is? Do you know that Scott Weiland has a Christmas album now? Oh, it’s bad. It’s bad. Let me fucking explain to you how bad it is. There is a video online of him singing, and he’s very serious. ‘Cause Christmas is serious. His hair is all slicked back, and he’s in his shitty tuxedo.

So I’m watching this, painfully watching this, because hey, know your enemy, and I’m just like, ‘Why?’ It’s not that he’s a bad singer, ’cause he’s not. I love STP. I love some of the shit that he did with Velvet Revolver. It’s not that he’s a bad fucking singer. He’s a lazy piece of shit, is what he is at this point.”

Despite being a comedy show from start to finish, it was pretty clear that the frontman was bothered by the fact that actually talented people such as Scott Weiland waste their artistry for the sake of money. Since he’s always been an unapologetic person who expresses his opinions harshly, Taylor’s words were humorous but with a touch of seriousness.

Taylor Later Paid Tribute To Late Singer


Unfortunately, Scott Weiland was found dead on his tour bus on December 3, 2015, at the age of 48 in Bloomington, Minnesota, while on tour with the Wildabouts. Police confirmed there were cocaine and numerous other drugs in the bedroom where the singer was discovered dead.

Despite the discovery of drugs, no underlying cause of death was immediately given when the Stone Temple Pilots frontman died. Later medical examinations determined the cause of his death as an accidental overdose of both cocaine and alcohol.

Following the singer’s passing, Royal Machines performed a tribute concert to him on December 7, 2015, at The Roxy in West Hollywood, California. Surprisingly, Corey Taylor also joined the band to sing Stone Temple Pilots song, ‘Sex Type Thing,’ and paid homage to his late colleague.

It was then proved that his previous unpleasant statements about the singer were nothing but harsh jokes. The Slipknot singer turned out to be an STP fan and a musician who admired Weiland’s work and music after all.

You can watch Corey Taylor’s performance and spoken-word segment below.

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