Tod Howarth Addresses KISS Fans ‘Diehard Dedication’ To Ace Frehley

To have fans that follow every step of your journey is quite rare as most tend to join in on certain eras and leave in others, but the KISS fans have continuously shown their support to singer Tod Howarth. Howarth sat down to have a chat with Mike Brunn for the Rock Experience and shared his amazement with KISS’s fans, who have wholeheartedly shown their support for his career, also after he joined Frehley’s Comet.

“It’s fun, and I enjoy them because they’re the most loyal fans I’ve ever encountered,” said Howarth about KISS fans that have carried their love for him throughout the years. “I have a lot of fans over the world from all my bands, and you know, when I joined Ace with Frehley’s Comet, I was amazed at the die-hard dedication.”

He continued, “I don’t want to say amused at first, but I was intrigued, like, ‘Wow, really?’ and then as I got older, I go, ‘Holy crap, really?’ and then as I got even older, I went ‘Thank God, really.’ I mean, they’re pitbull piranhas. They don’t give up, and that’s a great thing because I have a lot of fans, but you know they’ve come in and out through my life because life happens and their families happen, but the KISS fans and the Comet fans, and they just they never let go.”

Although it is pretty rare for any artist to have a cult following, Howarth has hit the jackpot with KISS and Comet’s die-hard fans, which have kept him going in the music industry for many years. The singer is now ready to bring that following to his adult contemporary era, where he can show off more of what he is capable of.