When Sammy Hagar Made ‘Temporary’ Peace With David Lee Roth

When Van Halen started its musical journey in the early ’70s, David Lee Roth‘s ten-year music career began with the band. As a successful lead vocalist, he made many contributions to the group with his singing style. With its self-titled debut album, Van Halen gained a massive reputation. It reached high places on the charts and sold over ten million records. The following four albums successfully earned many audiences and received positive reviews.

However, when Van Halen was at the peak of its success, David Lee Roth decided to part ways with the band in 1985 due to the unsolved problems between him and Eddie Van Halen. Sammy Hagar, who was the former vocalist of Montrose, joined the group replacing Roth. Hagar released many impactful albums like ‘5150’ and ‘Balance’ throughout his eleven-year successful career with Van Halen. In all these processes of Roth and Hagar’s replacements, the duo did not get along and had arguments over their music careers.

The Dispute Between Sammy Hagar And David Lee Roth

The dispute between the duo started when Hagar replaced Roth in 1985. According to Hagar, although he initially tried to be friends with Roth, things did not go well between them. They both began to target each other over their music career in the past interviews. The comparisons the fans made between the two also caused these conflicts to grow. As the fans were comparing them over their different singing style in Van Halen, this was one of the main subjects between Hagar and Roth.

The duo did not find each other talented in what they did in the music scene. After Hagar departed from the band in 1996, Roth stated that because Hagar had only a mediocre talent as a vocalist, the departure was not surprising for him. On the other side, Hagar defined Roth as a self-obsessed person, and he did not want to share the same stage with him. However, things did not go like this, and they surprisingly hit the road for a tour in 2002.

How Did Sammy Hagar Tour With David Lee Roth?

Due to their constant arguments, the duo and the audience never thought they would share the same stage. It was hard for everyone to believe them both performing together as they did not find each other successful and did not get along. But surprising news came from Hagar and Roth, and the ‘impossible’ suddenly became a reality.

They collaborated for the ‘The Heavyweight Champs of Rock and Roll’ tour in May 2002. In an interview during the tour, Hagar and Roth talked about the process of their surprising collaboration. They also reflected on how they decided to work together despite their conflicts. When Roth mentioned the importance of timing in this issue, Hagar agreed with him.

Hagar revealed in the interview that they decided to tour at that period because it was the right time to do it. It would not have been successful if they had attempted to head a tour a few years before as they did not have a decent relationship. Hagar said they probably had a conflict, but such things did not happen now that the timing was right. DLR also added that it was a time for them to become a team and heal.

Sammy Hagar explained when asked how he decided to tour with Roth:

“I’m jacked. I think Dave was right. The time just was right. It was a lot easier to do now. If we tried to do it five years ago, we’d have probably been out here rolling around on the ground. Thank God we’re not going to do that right now.”

David Lee Roth added:

“It’s a time for unity and great healing.”

The Red Rocker and Diamond Dave broke the ice between them with this tour. They realized how they were different from each other in their musical style. However, this temporary peace didn’t last long. Though the duo isn’t as aggressive as before, their recent statements about each other are still far from being pleasant. Moreover, Hagar recently said he refrains from performing DLR era Van Halen songs, whereas Roth thinks his releases with the band were more ‘iconic.’