When Joe Walsh Picked His Favorite Eagles Member


Formed in 1971, the Eagles gained huge success, especially with their albums in the 1970s. They have many hit songs like ‘Hotel California,’ ‘Desperado,’ and ‘Take It Easy’ that most of us are very familiar with. Throughout their longtime career, the band sold over 150 million records and won six Grammy Awards as well.

There is no doubt that their style has been a great source of inspiration for many young musicians. The Eagles successfully fused various genres such as rock, country, soul, and folk. They managed to introduce a distinctive music style from the mixture of different sounds. The Eagles took the country rock out of the realm of local culture and turned it into a mainstream genre in the U.S.

The Eagles guitarist Joe Walsh joined the band in 1975 and remained until their break-up in 1980. He rejoined the band after their reunion decision in 1993. When the bands once become popular, it means that all the band members also come under the spotlight.

Joe Walsh Said Don Henley Is His Favorite Bandmate


In an old interview with Salt Lake City Weekly, the Eagles guitarist Joe Walsh revealed his favorite bandmate and said that he doesn’t consider himself a very cool person. However, there would be a tie if he had a competition with his favored bandmate for being the coolest.

During the conversation, Joe Walsh was asked whether he finds himself cool since it is the situation for some people who is famous. Walsh replied that Don Henley is his favorite Eagles member, and they are just average cool rather than being super cool people.

The interviewer asked:

“Denis Leary once had ‘two words’ for Don Henley: Joe Fucking Walsh. Are you the coolest Eagle?”

Joe Walsh replied:

“Oh, no. I don’t think I’m very cool. I tell you what: Don Henley is my favorite Eagle. If we had a cool contest, I think it would be a tie. Nobody’s exceptionally cool, we’re just kind of average cool.”

Don Henley is known for his powerful vocal performances and lyrical skills so it is not a surprise that Joe Walsh named him as his favorite Eagles member. However, the Eagles were not dependent on individual talent, and what made them the Eagles were the harmonious relations between the band members.