When Eddie Vedder Had A Serious Dispute With An Abusive Fan During A Live Show

Pearl Jam started their 2016 North American tour on April 8 in Sunrise, Florida, and finished in Chicago on August 22. Almost all tickets were sold out immediately, and they have become one of the highest-grossing shows in North America as they gained more than $5.7 million in the Wrigley Field concerts.

Therefore it can be said that everything was going great for Pearl Jam until their last concert. During Pearl Jam’s last show in Wrigley Field as a part of their 2016’s North American tour, the band’s frontman Eddie Vedder stopped in the middle of performing ‘Lukin’ and started to yell at a male audience member because of what he did to a woman.

Eddie Vedder Stopped The Concert To Help A Woman

Eddie Vedder stopped singing during the band’s ‘Lukin’ performance when he saw a man who prevented a woman from coming forward after she passed out. Therefore Vedder drew the attention of everyone to the man. He called out to the unknown man for blocking the way and asked him to stop pointing at the woman as if she had done something wrong.

Then, the crowd also started yelling, booing, and pointing at that guy, which caused his unwilling departure from the concert. After this footage was shared on Youtube, a woman commented on the video saying that Eddie noticed the situation and helped her while her friend was trying to carry her to a safe place because she passed out.

Here’s what Eddie Vedder said:

“Hey, hey mister! Get your finger out of that woman’s face. All the fingers are pointing at you. Come on, clear out, mister.

A woman who claimed that was her explained the situation saying:

“Here’s what happened. Someone in front of me accidentally knocked me unconscious and I fell back. My friend caught me and carried me toward the front. We were about the 5th-row center and the closest place to safety was in front of the stage.

This jerk waded a few feet in front of us wouldn’t let us by to get my knocked-out butt to safety. So everyone nearby him started yelling and pointing at him to let us through. Thankfully a huge guy pulled me over the barrier to safety. You can see it at the second 25 in the video on the bottom left screen. Eddie saw it and stopped him and kicked his jerkface out. Thanks, Eddie! Super bummed I lost my 5th-row spot for the rest of the night. I guess I’ll just have to see them yet again.”

Eddie Vedder could have continued his performance without paying attention to what was going on in the crowd. However, this incident in Wrigley Field showed that he is a sensitive person as he didn’t hesitate to stop Pearl Jam’s show to help a woman whose way was blocked by a rude and inconsiderate man.