Courtney Love Has Only Two Songs Left To Complete ‘The Longest Record In Rock History’

Kurt Cobain’s widow and The Hole singer, Courtney Love, thrilled her followers by announcing that she has been working on a new record which is almost done according to her post on Instagram.

Courtney Love has been playing with The Hole since 1989, and they released three studio albums before their break up in 2002. However, they reformed in 2010 and released their latest record ‘Nobody’s Daughter.’ Since then, Courtney has been pretty inactive in the music industry as she never released an album yet. However, she dropped few singles during this period, such as ‘You Know My Name’ and ‘Miss Narcissist.’

In a new post she shared on Instagram, Love recalled the time when she left Los Angeles and visited the United Kingdom. In the caption of her post, Courtney also mentioned that she is going to release a brand new album in near future.

Even though Courtney didn’t reveal any specific details about the record, she mentioned that it is going to be the longest record in rock history. However, she added that there are still two songs to be finished to complete her mysterious new album.

Courtney Love announced the new album:

“2 years ago today. Smol bell & I landed at Heathrow from Los Angeles Airport.

I came on a growing hunch that became a desperate urgency to get out of the simulation & lawless nightmare that is Los Angeles. (Ask Britney. Ask Lohan – my home state & hometown needs a very solemn, very extensive deep scrub & even then. 4 seasons a year & a literacy rate that’s… literate, is rather appealing.)

I don’t surf & I don’t drive. I kept dreaming of just going, to the one country I’ve never liked leaving.

My, I Ching Throw (Rarely, but I take it seriously) said ‘a strategic retreat is called for. This is not a final defeat, but an opportunity to gain strength by removing yourself from the field of conflict. The retreat is a disciplined disengagement from all response into neutrality, accepting the situation as it is.'”

She continued:

I’m now 2 songs away from being finished on the longest record in rock history (that I know of!) to write.

Thanks for having me! Thank you for restoring my faith in life, words, recovery, decency, music, beauty, death, enlightenment, art, love, law, honor & humanity, England.”

You can check out the post below.

Photo Credit: Courtney Love – Instagram