When Don Henley Admitted The Eagles Members Were ‘Arrogant’

Formed in 1971, the Eagles are among the most successful bands of the 1970s in North America, and they have received numerous awards. Influenced by 1960s rhythm and blues, bluegrass, and soul, the Eagles had a sound described as ‘California Rock.’

Back in 1972, they started their musical career after releasing their self-titled debut. Following that, Eagles released several chart-toppers and popular hits such as their worldwide-known ‘Hotel California.’

As the Eagles’ career spanned quite a long time, the way people see them also changed throughout the years. They questioned the band’s attitudes and claimed they were misanthropes. In fact, the Eagles’ Don Henley even admitted that they were quite arrogant. Let’s learn the reason why he said this.

Don Henley Said The Eagles Members Were Arrogants Just Like Any Other Rock And Roll Band

After the release of their ‘Hotel California’ album, the band released their last studio album for almost three decades in 1979 named ‘The Long Run.’ However, too much had happened between the release of these two albums. As it was the end of the 1970s, people’s thoughts were changing. So, their views on the music Eagles’ music also changed.

Although the 1970s society liked the Eagles’ sensibility, their perceptions changed. People started to question the Eagles’ attitude towards women and called them misanthropes and cynics. However, according to Don Henley, they were not misanthropes at all.

In a Classic Rock interview in 2020, Don Henley said he has no idea why they were called misanthropes. He then said they were critical for good reasons as they cared about the environment, the Indians, and human rights in general. Moreover, Henley added that they criticized people to show what was wrong with them.

Following that, Don Henley admitted that they were arrogant. However, he added that one has to be arrogant to be in a successful rock and roll band. In the end, Henley said that he thought they were nice people after all.

Don Henley told Classic Rock that:

“I suppose a lot of good art down through the ages has come out of turmoil and stress, but this was just too much. This misanthrope business has always been a complete mystery to me.

We were critical, but for fair reasons. We cared about our fellow man; we cared about the ecology; we cared about the Indians; we cared about nuclear energy. And so we would point out what was wrong. I don’t consider that to be misanthropic.

We were arrogant. Sure. You have to be arrogant if you’re going to be in a rock’n’roll band. But, you know, I thought we were pretty nice people all in all.”

Although they were called misanthropes, it seems there is no harm in criticizing certain people and matters. Besides, as Henley said, being arrogant is not that bad if one cares about the issues around them.