When Bruce Springsteen Won An Oscar By Surpassing Neil Young

Bruce Springsteen is a prolific musician who has sold over 150 million records worldwide and earned numerous awards for his musical work. Throughout his music career, Springsteen has released twenty successful studio albums, and many of them feature his backing band, E Street Band. Known for his lyrics that focus on social issues and energetic live performances that sometimes last more than one or two hours, the Boss is an important figure in the music scene.

Due to the success of his music efforts, he has won many Grammys, two Golden Globes, an Academy Award, and a Special Tony Award. One of his fellow musicians, Neil Young, is also a celebrated rocker regarding his timeless music works and songwriting. Back in the day, Springsteen and Young came face to face at the Oscars, and the latter couldn’t win the award.

Bruce Springsteen’s ‘Streets Of Philadelphia’ Won The Oscar Over Neil Young’s ‘Philadelphia’

In 1993, Neil Young contributed to the Jonathan Demme film ‘Philadelphia’s soundtracks with a song of the same name. He then received a 1993 Academy Award nomination for his song. However, on the same film’s soundtrack, there was also a song by Bruce Springsteen titled ‘Streets Of Philadelphia,’ which also garnered a nomination.

At the 66th Academy Awards in 1994, Springsteen took the Academy Award for Best Original Song home for his ‘Streets Of Philadelphia.’ The award was presented to him by Whitney Houston, and during his acceptance speech, Springsteen didn’t forget his fellow musician Neil Young by saying that he needed to share the award with him.

In his acceptance speech, Bruce Springsteen said the following:

“Thank you. Jesus, this is the first song I ever wrote for a motion picture. So, I guess it’s all downhill from here. But Neil, I got to share this with you.

Below, you can watch Bruce Springsteen’s acceptance speech at the 66th Academy Awards and watch Neil Young and Springsteen perform their songs at the Oscars.