What Really Ended Buffalo Springfield

Buffalo Springfield was formed in 1966 in Los Angles when old friends met in an unexpected incident. Neil Young and Bruce Palmer had met in early 1966 and were looking for Stephen Stills in LA, but they couldn’t find him. On their way back, they were stuck in traffic on Sunset Boulevard and coincidentally met Stills and Richie Furay.

Following their gathering, the four musicians formed Buffalo Springfield, adding Dewey Martin to the lineup with the suggestion of their manager. They quickly became the house band at the Whisky a Go-Go for seven weeks in 1966. The band released three studio albums until 1968 and parted ways due to complications such as arrests and lineup changes.

Why Did Buffalo Springfield Break Up?

Although they had a successful career, Buffalo Springfield split before their last album came out in 1968. There were apparent factors that challenged the band’s tenure, such as Palmer’s out-of-control drug use and the stereotypical rock and roll lifestyle. Moreover, he was arrested and deported to Canada, his hometown, when the band was partying with Eric Clapton, and the neighbors reported them.

However, there was another problem; Young didn’t like the band’s music. Although they improved themselves with each record, Young was unimpressed. When the musician wasn’t impressed, he made sure he showed his disinterest. This attitude was also apparent in the later years when the band wanted to reunite, but Young had canceled on them with too little notice.

It’s easy to blame one person for a breakup, but when it comes to Buffalo Springfield, the members seemed interested in other things than the band. The fans are grateful to have experienced such a band, and they are the key to the development of folk-rock which has a special place in the rock and roll industry. Still, the members ventured off in other directions. Neil Young specifically launched a solo career where he made sure everything was to his taste and joined the iconic supergroup Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young in 1969.