What Bono Thinks About John Lennon

The worldwide known Irish singer Bono has been in the music scene since 1976 with his band U2. He met the band members in Mount Temple Comprehensive School in Dublin, where he completed his second-level education. Coming from a small district in Dublin, Bono managed to reach high commercial success with U2 in 45 years.

The singer has received 22 Grammy awards and made his country proud by receiving an honorary knighthood by Elizabeth II for his contribution to the music industry and his humanitarian work in 2007. He is also a social activist and was praised for co-founding ONE Campaign that fights against poverty and diseases in Africa.

The Beatles’ John Lennon was also an artist who used his fame to make a change in the world. Lennon was an active member of the anti-war movement and contributed to the cause both with his music and attendance at protests. The Beatles’ song ‘All You Need is Love’ was used in many peaceful protests and inspired people to fight against the Vietnam war during the 1960-1970s.

However, Lennon’s attempt to put himself forward to defend peace resulted in his murder by an angry, obsessed fan named Mark David Chapman in December 1980. To this day, he is still considered one of the world’s best musicians and peace defenders. Lennon was born in Liverpool, England, and so were his parents. He got a green card after living in the US for a long time, which led Bono to say he doesn’t consider him an Englishman.

What Did Bono Say About John Lennon?

In 2015, it was the 40th anniversary of John Lennon getting his US green card which is the closest document you can have before obtaining citizenship. There was a ceremony on Ellis Island, New York City, to celebrate Lennon’s green card. In that celebration, Bono talked about Lennon and claimed that he is an immigrant not from England but Ireland.

Here is what Bono said about Lennon’s nationality pointing at the Statue of Liberty:

“That’s why it is fitting to do this here because John Lennon was an immigrant.

He didn’t sail across the Atlantic in an ocean liner or a yellow submarine. He didn’t come in on a third-class ticket looking for a job in Hell’s Kitchen. He didn’t climb up out of steerage with all his potatoes in a single suitcase. But John Lennon was an immigrant all the same.

One more Irish immigrant on an island full of Irish immigrants. Let’s claim him, in fact, let’s claim all the Beatles not as immigrants but as Irish.

Is Lennon Really Irish?

Bono is right in the sense that Lennon had Irish blood in his family tree. His grandparents from his father’s side were born in Dublin, Ireland. Even further back in his family tree, some relatives came from Northern Ireland as well. Not only the late Lennon but also his bandmates, the rest of The Beatles had Irish lineage.

Paul McCartney had Irish family members both on his mother and father’s side. His family migrated to Scotland before coming to Liverpool and settling there. George Harrison’s grandparents also lived in Wexford, Ireland. Their families settled in England afterward, and Liverpool was known to be ‘the real capital of Ireland’ as its population includes many people of Irish descent.