Vivian Campbell Explains Why Joe Elliott Made Him Nervous About A New Def Leppard Album

During a recent interview with Guitar World, Def Leppard guitarist Vivian Campbell revealed that when Joe Elliott suggested making a new record remotely, he felt nervous due to not being good with the latest technology.

Def Leppard originally planned their ‘Stadium Tour‘ for the summer of 2020, but then they had to postpone and reschedule it for 2021 due to the emerging COVID-19 pandemic. However, they couldn’t hit the road in 2021 either due to the same conditions. The band’s tour will finally take off this summer, if everything goes well, on June 16, 2022, in Atlanta.

Maybe the pandemic delayed the band’s tour plans, but on the other hand, it also benefited them to concentrate on their new record, ‘Diamond Star Halos,‘ which will arrive on May 27, 2022. They had already started writing new materials, but the recording process was challenging due to the pandemic. They recorded the album remotely from three different countries.

During his latest interview, Vivian Campbell reflected on the challenging recording process. He said that he had no idea how to do remote recording since he is atechnophobe.’ Joe Elliott sent an email to them and suggested recording the album as they wouldn’t be able to embark on their ‘Stadium Tour.’

However, it made Campbell nervous since he was not fond of using technology. Phil Collen said he needed to download a software application for recording, but it was tough to do it for the guitarist. Campbell only knew the traditional studio recording. Still, he managed to learn remote recording thanks to some external help and saw how easy it was.

Vivian Campbell’s statements on recording remotely:

“I’m a technophobe. It’s a wonder I can use my iPhone. Joe emailed, ‘If we’re not going to tour this year, let’s make a record.’ I’m thinking, ‘That means I’ve got to learn how to use technology again!’ Phil Collen said, ‘Get Logic. It’s really easy.’ I open it up, and I’m thinking, ‘That doesn’t look easy to me!

I only knew how to record because some clever grownup who built the studio for me came in, showed me how to do it, and made notes in case I forgot! So spring 2020, I’m downloading Logic, buying an interface, and thinking, ‘How the f*ck does this work?!’

I would just scroll through presets, adjust the amp settings a little, and record. I also used the Engl plugin for most of the solos. They have one that looks exactly like my Last In Line amp, and that’s so easy even I can use it. It was really easy once I got going, but I have this fear of technology.”

You can listen to Def Leppard’s upcoming album’s lead single ‘Kick’ below.