Vinny Appice On Ronnie James Dio’s Influence On Dave Grohl And Nirvana

Drummer Vinny Appice recently joined Talkin’ About Rock for an interview and reflected on Ronnie James Dio‘s influence on Dave Grohl and Nirvana.

Ronnie James Dio became a member of Black Sabbath after leaving Rainbow in 1979 to replace Ozzy Osbourne. In 1980, Vinny Appice joined the band, but due to a conflict over mixing the ‘Live Evil’ album, Dio and Appice decided to quit and form Dio in 1982. After forming Dio, they recorded their 1983 debut album, ‘Holy Diver.’ As it turns out, this album was Dave Grohl’s favorite, and it influenced the drummer to a great extent back when he was playing with Nirvana.

Speaking to Talkin’ About Rock for a recent interview, Vinny Appice stated that Ronnie James Dio significantly influenced many musicians. According to the drummer, Dave Grohl was influenced by their debut album ‘Holy Diver.’ Moreover, he even chose the studio to record Nirvana’s classic hit ‘Nevermind’ after seeing this album on the wall.

Appice stated that Dave Grohl went to the Sound City studios when Nirvana decided to record their ‘Nevermind.’ He then claimed Grohl saw a platinum ‘Holy Diver’ on the studio’s wall, and the band agreed with him to record ‘Nevermind’ there. As Appice said, they decided on this because ‘Holy Diver’ was also recorded in that studio.

During the conversation, Vinny Appice recalled how Ronnie James Dio influenced Nirvana and Dave Grohl:

“I meet people, like, ‘Oh, man. ‘Holy Diver’!’ Dave Grohl was totally influenced by that album. He even went to Sound City studios to record [Nevermind] because there was a platinum ‘Holy Diver’ on the wall, and they said, ‘That’s it. We have to record it here. This album was done here.’ It was a great influence on so many people.”

You can watch the rest of the interview below.