Ville Valo Picks Black Sabbath’s Best Love Song

Former HIM singer Ville Valo was recently asked by Metal Edge to name a few of his favorite metal love songs, being a love songwriter and a musician himself. Along all the songs he mentioned, one got the most attention, and of course, it’s Solitude by Black Sabbath. Valo explains why he admires that one song so much:

“It’s one of my favorite songs of all time. The melancholy of that song sounds very Finnish to me. The Finnish sort of mentality and all that. We enjoy our melancholy and it’s not necessarily a depressing thing, it’s more about wistfulness and nostalgia and looking back and yearning and ‘Solitude’ really reminds me of that.”

He points out a fact that might not be true for some of the listeners and fans:

“And that’s probably the most sort of basic kind of a love song out of all these tracks, because he’s singing about losing the one he loves and about the solitude right after. So it’s maybe the most traditional love song out of the bunch.”

Valo’s fondness for Black Sabbath has been expressed numerous times, including an interview with Metal Hammer in 2005. He named his top 10 Black Sabbath albums, and chose Sabbath Bloody Sabbath as his favorite song. He made the following comment:

“Things like ‘Fluff’ are what I love about the ’70s. What really big band would start the album with a couple of really heavy songs and follow that with a soft instrumental like ‘Fluff’? It really does make you think, ‘What on earth are they doing here?‘ But also it’s part of what made Black Sabbath such a unique band.

HIM came to an end in 2017, but this didn’t mean Ville Valo ending his music career. Ever since the break-up, he has been working on solo projects and going on tours. Starting on 10th September, he will be touring North America with Black Veil Brides and Dark Divine. You can see the tour dates here.