Underoath Part Ways With James Smith

Underoath recently announced on Instagram that guitarist James Smith has parted ways with the band, although things seem a bit more complicated than a simple departure.

So, the band’s statement came much later after Smith’s own announcement as the guitarist shared a note through his personal Instagram account, pointing out how Underoath had informed him he was no longer a part of the group while hinting that it wasn’t his decision to leave.

Smith shared this farewell message in late March, though his longtime band preferred staying silent. He bid farewell to their fans and expressed his sadness over having to leave. He didn’t give any reasons for his alleged dismissal but simply said, ‘this is where we have ended up.’

James’ statement followed:

“After 20 years of music and friendship, I was informed that I’m no longer a member of Underoath. This saddens me to say, but unfortunately, is where we have ended up. I appreciate everyone who, at any moment in their lives, have felt inspired, accepted, comforted, and energized by the music we created and the shows we performed together.

It has been my honor and privilege to be a part of your lives in that way though we may have never met or shared our stories face to face. Your dedication, grace, and love for this band have allowed us to exist this long. The memories I have from this ride are more than anyone could ever expect in a lifetime, and I genuinely thank you all for being a part of it.”

After this statement hung on top of James Smith’s posts for a few days, Underoath finally broke their silence and released a statement addressing their curious fanbase. The act shared an IG story, confirming James’ departure and detailing how the break up was due to ‘differences‘ that couldn’t be worked out.

The band’s announcement about parting ways with Smith stated:

“As some of you have noticed, James was not on the ‘Blind Obedience’ tour, and we want to clarify that we have officially decided to part ways. We care for James, we want the best for him, and that will never change. There were differences that we hoped we’d be able to work through, that unfortunately, we realized weren’t able to be.

Some people will want to know details, but this was an incredibly difficult situation and isn’t something that can or should be addressed on the Internet, and we hope you’ll understand. We appreciate you all. Thank you all so much for all the support over the years, and we’ll see you soon.”

It appeared that things were a bit bitter between the guitarist and his former bandmates for the time being. However, all good things must come to an end, and that was how Smith had to bid farewell to Underoath after two decades of traveling, touring, and recording with the band.

Photo Credits: Jamie Patrock (James Smith) – Instagram
Photo Credits: Underoath – Instagram