Steve Hackett Admits His First Gig With Genesis Was A Complete Disaster


Former Genesis guitarist Steve Hackett has talked about his bad experiences on the stage for a featured Guitar World article, where he revealed that his first professional show with Genesis was an ultimate disaster.

Steve Hackett has been known for working on two album projects during the coronavirus lockdown. One of them is called ‘Under a Mediterranean Sky,’ which was his first acoustic solo album since 2018’s ‘Tribute’ and was inspired by the places he had visited. Hackett then announced that he will release the follow-up album ‘Surrender On Silence’ on September 10. It appears that he used his free time during the lockdown working on making new music.

When talking about his stage experiences in a recent interview, Steve Hackett recalled the time when he first got up on the stage professionally with his former band Genesis. He described the event as ‘a complete disaster.’ Beckett said it was not only because Phil Collins was drunk during the performance and missed a lot of drum parts, but also his fuzz box that feedbacked all night which made him forget what he was supposed to play. He then added he was expecting to be fired after the show immediately, but they didn’t.

Beckett said to Guitar World that:

“It was with my first professional gig with Genesis. It was a complete disaster. I basically had a new fuzz box that did nothing but feedback all night and made me forget every single note I was supposed to remember to play.”

He then added:

Phil Collins was drunk and missed a lot of the drum parts, so the show was a shambles. There was a big row after the gig and I thought they were going to sack me. But they didn’t. It was a baptism by fire for sure.”

Despite the embarrassing moments he experienced during the show he mentioned, he continued working with Genesis until 1977. After his parting with the band, he co-founded the supergroup GTX, but then he left and continued to pursue a solo career up until now.