Kane Roberts Wants To Record A New Album With Alice Cooper


The heavy metal guitarist Kane Roberts recently joined an interview with VWMusic and pointed out his desire to play on a new Alice Cooper record in the future.

Kane Roberts is known for his collaborations with Alice Cooper, besides his solo appearance on the music scene. He played on Cooper’s 1986 album ‘Constrictor’ and 1987 one ‘Raise Your Fist and Yell.’ Along with the guitar, he also delivered bass guitar, keyboard, and backing vocals in these records. Roberts impressed the audience with his Rambo-style appearance and machine-gun-like guitar playing during the promotion tours of those albums.

After Cooper’s 1987 album, Roberts’s self-titled solo debut record came out in the same year. He later made a guest appearance on The Godfather of Shock Rock’s ‘Trash’ album and played guitar on ‘Bed of Nails,’ which he also co-wrote. In 1991, he released his second album ‘Saints and Sinners’ and continued to focus on his solo projects.

The rocker, who released his most recent work, ‘The New Normal’ in 2019, reunited with Alice Cooper in 2022 and delighted his fans. Cooper’s long-time guitarist Nita Strauss announced she was parting ways with the rocker to team up with Demi Lovato the previous month. Then, Cooper informed that Roberts would replace Strauss on the upcoming tour.

Recently, Kane Roberts opened up about joining Cooper’s band for the tour and shared his excitement. When asked if he would continue with the band following the tour, the guitarist expressed his wish to make a new record with Alice Cooper. Roberts revealed his desire to create more with the rock legend, even though only the tour gig is for certain right now. He noted that everything will become clear in time.

Kane Roberts responded when asked whether he would continue with Alice Cooper’s band after the tour:

“Well, I do want to record and sing with him. Beyond that, I don’t know. Right now, it’s five weeks. So, if it’s more than that, we’ll see what happens. But right now, that’s all it is. And you know, there’s a sort of a semblance of perfection in that, right? It has a beginning and an end to it. But if it evolves past that, there will be reasons why it should, and if it doesn’t, then there will be reasons why it shouldn’t. So, we’ll see what happens.”

Alice Cooper is preparing to hit the road for the United States leg of his ongoing Detroit Muscle Tour to support his 2021 album ‘Detroit Stories.’ It will start on September 7, 2022, in Bethlehem and end on October 8 in Las Vegas. Kane Roberts is clearly excitedly looking forward to sharing the same stage with Alice Cooper after a long time.