Uli Jon Roth Is Happy With His Decision To Leave The Scorpions

In a recent interview with Loudersound, Uli Jon Roth provided insights into his decision to part ways with Scorpions. He talked about his memories of working with Scorpions from 1973-1978 and how he has no regrets leaving the band. He said:

“Those were great times. The comradeship grew as the band improved, and we made quantum leaps with each album. When I left it was because I knew there was no place for the songs that became Earthquake. It wasn’t as commercial as the Scorpions, but although Electric Sun was an ‘outsider’ band, we played Hammersmith Odeon twice, so I like to think we did pretty well.”

In 1978, Roth left the Scorpions and went on to establish the hard rock band Electric Sun, debuting with their first album, ‘Earthquake’ the following year.

After dealing with some health issues that forced him to postpone his North American tour in July, Roth and Electric Sun are now preparing to release the remastered version of their debut album.

Electric Sun’s ‘Earthquake‘ Will Be The First Worldwide Release From Uli’s Music Label Alpha Experium

Earlier this year, Roth and his team announced the launch of their own independent record label Alpha Experium in partnership with Cargo Records Germany. In the statement, he announced that the first two albums of his band Electric Sun will be reissued by Alpha Experium.

According to the announcement, the albums will be titled ‘Earthquake’ (1979) and ‘Firewind’ (1981). They will be available for the first time on gatefold vinyl. Roth concluded his announcement by stating:

“This marks the beginning of a new era of artistic freedom for Uli and Alpha Experium.”

Uli Jon Ruth’s Electric Sun prepares for a UK tour following the release of their remastered album ‘Earthquake’. Starting in Cardiff on November 30, the tour will later continue with dates in the United States scheduled for April 2024.