Tool’s Maynard James Keenan Confronts Fan Over Phone Usage During Show

Tool’s lead vocalist, Maynard James Keenan, reprimanded a fan for using their phone during the band’s recent performance in Los Angeles.

Tool has maintained a strict policy against cell phone use during their performances in recent years, only allowing audience members to record the final song of their set, typically ‘Stinkfist.’ Despite these guidelines, a fan was caught on video during the song ‘Intolerance’ from the band’s recent show, leading to Keenan vocally expressing his displeasure from the stage, shouting:

“Put your f*cking phone away, d*ckhead, seriously!”

Fan Reactions And Previous Incidents

Reactions to the incident ranged from support for the singer’s stance to disappointment from fans who were unable to record the final song at previous concerts due to others’ non-compliance. One person said:

“Just complete disrespect and disregard for everyone around him. Absolutely deserved to get yelled at. I wish he got kicked out, to be honest.”

Another fan wrote:

“I was at the show in Fresno, and he gave a little speech at the beginning of the show of how if we behave with phones, we’ll be able to record the last song. Sadly, we didn’t get that, and they just played ‘Stinkfist’ without announcing that we can record. It seems like he’s really upset about the whole phone thing since I’ve never heard him give that speech before.”

In December 2023, Keenan had a similar confrontation with a fan in Canada, critiquing the use of a camera light during the concert and urging the fan not to act in a manner he associated with stereotypical American behavior.

The rocker has been vocal about his disdain for cell phone use during concerts, advocating for a more traditional, engaged concert experience. He believes in the power of oral tradition and storytelling, valuing the personal connection and memories created through live music over digital recordings.