ABBA Guitarist Lasse Wellander Passes Away At 70

Illnesses come and go, and people recover and move on. While some are lucky enough to overcome their illnesses, others have to surrender. We are extremely sad to tell you that ABBA’s guitarist, Lasse Wellander, passed away at the age of 70 after battling cancer. ABBA announced the sad news on their Facebook account.

Every single album that Wellander played on contributed to the worldwide success of ABBA. It’s difficult to find a person in the world who hasn’t heard at least one song from the band. The band members were also very fond of Lasse Wellander and his talents on the guitar. It was unfortunate that they had to announce his death to the fans.

ABBA shared the announcement on their Facebook and Instagram accounts. They explained how he wasn’t just a band member but also a friend and an amazing guitarist. His effect on the band was immense, and his death was naturally as shattering. The band members are currently in their mourning period, and it’s clear they will miss the guitarist very much.

ABBA’s statement read:

“Lasse was a dear friend, a fun guy, and a superb guitarist. The importance of his creative input in the recording studio, as well as his rock-solid guitar work on stage, was immense. We mourn his tragic and premature death and remember the kind words, the sense of humor, the smiling face, and the musical brilliance of the man who played such an integral role in the ABBA story. He will be deeply missed and never forgotten.”

It was not known that Lasse Wellander was battling cancer, as he was laying low throughout the process. He had been working with ABBA for most of his life and career. The guitarist was only absent from the first two albums of the iconic band, and out of nine studio albums, he played the guitar on six of them.

Photo Credit: ABBA – Facebook