Rainbow’s Ronnie Romero Responds To Joe Lynn Turner’s ‘Cheap’ Remarks

Re-reformed Rainbow’s Ronnie Romero recently shared a post on his Instagram saying that he is proud of his appearance with the band, responding to Joe Lynn Turner’s comments about the new formation.

Years after the band’s split, news began to spread about a Rainbow reunion with the original members, Ritchie Blackmore and Joe Lynn Turner. While the pair were discussing the process, Turner found out that Blackmore decided to establish a new line-up to perform Rainbow songs.

In a previous interview, Lynn Turner revealed that they were planning to reunite with the other original members; however, he claimed that Blackmore prevented his plans. Turner also commented on the latest performances on the ‘cheap imitation’ of Rainbow, whose line-up includes Ronnie Romero, Jens Johansson, David Keith, and Bob Nouveau.

Recently, Ronnie Romero, who has become a part of the new Rainbow line-up, shared a post on his Instagram noting that he enjoys being with his new band. He said he accepted the fact that not everyone had to like him; however, he was uncomfortable with the description of ‘cheap’ as someone who works hard to achieve success. Romero noted that this term should not be used against the people who are trying hard.

Ronnie Romero said the following on his IG post:

“There is so much power in our words when we are a ‘public person’ that we must be careful with what we say. I don’t know, and I don’t care what’s between The Main Man and some old ex-members of the band, what happened, or whatever.

I’m just a normal guy who one day received a call from one of his idols to sing in the band he had always dreamed of singing. That’s it. I’m pretty convinced I did my job well, same for Jens, Bob, and David, wonderful musicians, as all the feedback, appreciation, and love I’m still getting in every place I go. I know as well you cannot be liked by everybody, but I will not tolerate somebody calling my work ‘cheap.’ No Sir.

Maybe for some guy is time to move on, as he did with other issues in his life, and to be careful not to despise honest people who are here just working hard, as he does. In the end, it is all about music; that’s the only thing that counts and matters.”

You can check out the post below.

Photo Credit: Ronnie Romero – Instagram