Tony Iommi Explains Why Black Sabbath’s ‘Paranoid’ Is Not The Band’s Definitive Song

Black Sabbath guitarist Tony Iommi spoke in a recent interview with Songfacts and talked about the songs they released with Ozzy Osbourne.

As you might already know, Black Sabbath influenced the world with their songs since their first album, and they were mostly known for the songs like Paranoid, Black Sabbath, Iron Man, and many more.

In the conversation, Tony was asked what is the definitive Black Sabbath song from the Ozzy Osbourne era and shocked the community with his Iron Man and Black Sabbath answer while most people were waiting to hear the Paranoid song.

However, Tony wanted to explain why he didn’t put that song into the list by saying that they wrote Paranoid just to fill the gap in the album and said that it was never intended on being anything else.

Here is what Tony Iommi said:

“I always relate to ‘Black Sabbath.’ And ‘Iron Man.’ A lot of people say ‘Paranoid,’ but the song was written as a filler for the album – it was never intended on being anything else.

But it became a single because it was a short song, and because it became what it did, most people knew us because of ‘Paranoid’ in them days.”

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