Tony Iommi Explains How Black Sabbath Ended Up Recording With Eddie Van Halen

During a recent interview with Spin, Black Sabbath’s Tony Iommi opened up about his close relationship with Van Halen’s co-founder and guitar genius Eddie Van Halen and dropped a bombshell by saying that there was a time when they got in the studio with Eddie and recorded some songs together.

Black Sabbath and Van Halen are both some of the most well-known bands across the globe and the guitar icons first met each other in 1978 at the ‘Never Say Die’ tour. After that, they stayed in touch and had regular family dinners any time Iommi visited Los Angeles with his wife.

During his recent interview, Iommi was asked about Wolfgang and what he thinks about his upcoming debut album, which was actually released on June 11 but Tony’s interview dates earlier than that. Tony said that Eddie idolized Wolf and talked about him all the time. In fact, they all got together once in Los Angeles and had a blast.

Following that, Tony dropped a big bombshell when he said that he managed to convince Eddie to visit him in England once and during his time there, Eddie said that he wanted to join Black Sabbath’s rehearsal. Before going to the studio, Tony stopped at a music shop and got Eddie an EVH guitar, and they went to the rehearsal. In fact, Tony Iommi said that he still has the tapes from that rehearsal.

Here’s what the interviewer asked during his recent interview:

“Wolf’s debut album is coming out. You know, he had so much success with that single for his farther, ‘Distance.'”

Tony Iommi responded:

Eddie idolized him. You know, he really did. We used to talk about Wolfie quite a lot and when we played in L.A. last time, they all came. Wolfie and Alex and Eddie and the wives. I got some great photos with us all. it was brilliant.

I got Eddie down to rehearsal when we played in England one time. He said, ‘what are you going to do tomorrow?’ I said, ‘Rehearsal.’ He went, ‘ah, great. I’d love to come to that or come down.’

I went and picked him up at his hotel. On the way past the hotel, I popped into the music shop and asked, ‘Have you got an Eddie Van Halen guitar?’ They said, ‘Yeah, why? Of course.’ I brought Eddie in, and they were in shock. I asked if we could borrow it for a few hours. They said, ‘Yeah, yeah, sure!’ I’ve got some tapes of that rehearsal.”

Eddie Van Halen’s passing was heartbreaking for many but was especially hard for his family and loved ones. Tony Iommi commemorated the late guitar icon by telling some stories from the amazing times they had together, and maybe one day he’ll decide to release the rehearsal tape that all rock fans would love to hear.