Wolfgang Van Halen Releases Debut Album But Spotify Spells Mammoth WVH Wrong


Mammoth WVH’s founder Wolfgang Van Halen recently posted a tweet on his Twitter account and announced that his debut album Mammoth WVH is now available for streaming but a fan pointed out that Spotify didn’t write his band’s name properly.

As you know, Wolf started out his solo career as a musician after releasing his debut song ‘Distance‘ in November 2020 as a tribute to his father, the legendary guitarist and co-founder of Van Halen Eddie. The song achieved critical acclaim and ranked No.1 on the Billboard charts. After that, Wolf started working hard on his self-titled debut album.

At the beginning of 2021, he had announced that his album will be released at the beginning of summer and the date was later marked as June, 11. He had already dropped six singles which were widely appreciated by both rock fans and critics. Just some hours ago, the whole album Mammoth WVH was released and it seems to be going pretty well.

While numerous people praised the rockstar’s debut album there was one very attentive fan who warned Wolf about a big mistake made by Spotify. Apparently, the streaming platform misspelled Mammoth WVH and wrote Mammoth WFV but it seems like the streaming platform was quick to correct their mistake.

Here’s how a fan warned Wolfgang about the misspelling of his band’s name:

“Just to let you know there is a typo, instead of Mammoth WVH, it’s Mammoth WFH. Thought you might want to know. Love what I have heard off of the album.”

You can check out the tweet and listen to Mammoth WVH through Spotify below.