Tony Iommi Clarifies If He Considered Forming A New Band With Ronnie James Dio


Black Sabbath guitarist Tony Iommi revealed if he agreed with Ronnie James Dio or not on forming a new band during an appearance on The Rhino Podcast.

In the conversation, Tony mentioned the time when he felt like Black Sabbath is going to break up back in the ’80s and wanted to do a new project and carry on a different road.

However, Ozzy Osbourne wasn’t into this idea and didn’t want to do it. Afterward, he decided to contact Dio, and they did some rehearsals with him in Los Angeles.

Even though he wanted to form a new band, it didn’t happen for them. However, Dio joined the band instead of forming a new band and that’s how the story end for the new project for Iommi.

Interviewer asked:

“Is it true that you guys discussed forming a new band instead of continuing on as Black Sabbath?”

Here is what Tony Iommi said:

“Well, I talked to Ronnie on the side, I was getting a bit despondent with it all because we were going through a lot of different changes, and at that point, Ozzy wasn’t into it anymore.

And I thought, ‘Well, the band’s going to break up and I just want to do a different project, I want to carry on and do something different.’

And I talked to Ronnie about that, and he was up for that, but when it came to it – Ozzy went, I spoke to the other guys, ‘Why don’t we try Ronnie?’

I phoned Ronnie up and got Ronnie over to rehearse with us – we were in L.A. – we got him over and he started singing, and of course, that was it, everybody was, ‘Wow, that’s great!’ And the rest is history.”

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