Tommy Thayer Addresses The End Of Gene Simmons And Paul Stanley’s KISS Careers

KISS lead guitarist Tommy Thayer recently spoke to Guitar World and reflected on his career with KISS. Thayer stated that their plan is to stop touring with the farewell tour because they are all getting older, which makes it hard to keep their performance on the stage.

Besides his KISS career, Tommy Thayer has been involved also in other works like his recent guest appearance on Carmine Appice’s Guitar Zeus 25th Anniversary Box Set. The set features many important names like Zakk Wylde, Brian May, Yngwie Malmsteen, and Slash. Thayer contributed to the set with the track ‘Mystified,’ which is not released before.

As you might recall, KISS has been planning to stop touring for a while. Their first attempt was with their 2000 farewell tour but then, they gave up retiring. In 2018, KISS announced another farewell tour named ‘End of the Road World Tour.’ The tour has been scheduled to end in the summer of 2021 but unfortunately, it was interrupted by the pandemic. They are planning to continue touring in 2022.

During the interview with Guitar World, the KISS guitarist was asked about whether they will finally end touring or not. Thayer stated that they intend to stop touring because it is getting hard to give their full energy to the shows as they get older. Thayer highlighted that it is harder especially for Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley as they are around the early 70s. The guitarist also added that the KISS shows require high performance so it is not easy to fulfill especially after a certain age.

In Tommy Thayer’s words:

“You’d have to ask Gene and Paul that question. That’s the plan, and legitimately what we’re doing. None of us are getting any younger, particularly Gene and Paul – they’re edging into their 70s now. To do a Kiss performance takes a lot more than your average band to do. Kiss is in a different category in terms of physicality and what it takes to actually do a show.

The idea was to do the ‘End of the Road Tour’ while we’re still on top of our game. So, that’s what we’re doing – and we’ve got another year to go. Over the last year, I haven’t really lived a normal life, because whenever we are between legs of the tour and we’re waiting, I feel like I almost have to self-impose a quarantine on myself – because I don’t want to be the one that gets Covid, and screws it up and have to blow out dates.”

You can listen to Carmine Appice’s Guitar Zeus 25th Anniversary Box Set, which features Tommy Thayer below.