Gary Holt Gives An Update On Exodus Drummer Tom Hunting’s Health Status After His Cancer Diagnosis

The band leader, guitarist, and songwriter of Exodus, Gary Holt shared the recent news about Exodus drummer Tom Hunting’s cancer treatment and current health status by posting Hunting’s photo from his Instagram account.

A short time ago, Hunting revealed that he was diagnosed with cancer and would begin to get his treatment from his Facebook account. The fans and friends were devastated by the news and wanted to show their support to Hunting. His friend and band member, Holt started a GoFundMe campaign to collect money for his treatment.

From now on, $91,670 was collected and recently Hunting has talked about his cancer diagnosis and treatment sharing a video from Holt’s Instagram. He was very grateful for his fans’ great financial and emotional supports to him. He also said that he started to get his treatments and was sure that he was going to beat cancer.

Then, Gary Holt shared a photo of Hunting’s new look and gave an update about his health status. He stated that Hunting was continuing to chemotherapy and when he started to lose his hair because of it, he decided to cut his hair knowing that it will grow back. He didn’t have any other side effects and Hunting felt that he was getting rid of cancer. Holt also said that he was looking forward to playing on the stage together and thanked the supporters.

Here’s what he wrote:

“My man Tom Hunting is still looking handsome as ever even after chopping off his blonde locks! Chemo was doing its thing it does to hair, so he said fuck it! It’ll grow back! He’s doing well, he says he feels the ‘chemi-kills’ working through his body, has not gotten nauseous yet and is working on ridding himself of this so we can all hit the stage together! Thanks to all who have helped, we’ve got nothing but love for all of you”

You can see the photo below.

Photo Credit: Gary Holt – Instagram