Tom Morello Tells How A Collaboration Came About With Kirk Hammett And Alex Lifeson

Rage Against The Machine guitarist Tom Morello recently spoke to Guitar Player about his latest album, ‘The Atlas Underground Flood.’ The musician notably opened up about his collaboration with Rush guitarist Alex Lifeson and Metallica’s Kirk Hammett.

Tom Morello released two collaborative albums towards the end of last year, the first being ‘The Atlas Underground Fire’ on October 15, 2021. The record features guest appearances from several artists such as Bruce Springsteen, Eddie Vedder, Bring Me the Horizon, and more. This one generally received positive reviews from critics who basically said the album has both good and somewhat okay songs in it.

Morello’s first collaborative album was followed by the second entitled ‘The Atlas Underground Flood,’ released on December 3, 2021. This record also includes many respectable musicians such as DJ San Holo, X Ambassadors, Manchester Orchestra, and more. The musician’s latest album was also ranked in rather high positions by many magazines.

During a recent interview, Tom Morello reflected on his latest album, particularly on the song he collaborated with Alex Lifeson, and Kirk Hammett named ‘I Have Seen the Way.‘ The guitarist told the magazine about how the collaboration happened quite naturally.

Apparently, Morello encountered Kirk Hammett during an event unrelated to rock and roll music. Since they hadn’t seen each other in years, Morello thought it would be a good idea to create a song together. After Hammett agreed, the Rage Against the Machine guitarist started looking for somebody to complete the collaboration.

Because Alex Lifeson is one of Tom Morello’s favorite guitar players, he reached out to the Rush guitarist, who also accepted Morello’s offer. As a result, the trio recorded ‘I Have Seen the Way,’ which currently has more than 40k views on Morello’s official YouTube channel.

About his collaboration with Hammett and Lifeson, Morello said:

“It’s a great song, and it will most definitely see the light of day. I ran into Kirk at a non-rock-and-roll-related event, and we hadn’t seen each other in years. I got to thinking, ‘Wouldn’t it be awesome to do something?’

I thought about who would be the third member of that triangle, and then I thought about Alex Lifeson, who is one of my favorite guitar players. So I reached out to him. It’s full-on head-cutting.”

You can listen to ‘I Have Seen the Way’ below.