Tobin Esperance Explains Papa Roach’s Main Purpose For Writing New Songs


In a recent interview with the Z93 radio station, Papa Roach bassist Tobin Esperance talked about how they have preserved their passion for writing new songs as a band over the years.

Throughout their career, Papa Roach has drawn inspiration from various genres such as rock, punk rock, hip-hop, and pop to create new sounds for their albums. Despite being one of the pioneers of nu-metal, the band enjoys the process of breaking out of the box by creating tracks that fall outside the genre.

Papa Roach has released eleven studio albums throughout their career for nearly three decades. During the pandemic, the group took their time and worked on new material for their latest release, ‘Ego Trip.’ The album, which was released in April 2022, included a total of 14 songs. They previously released the singles, ‘Swerve,’ ‘Kill The Noise,’ ‘Dying To Believe,’ ‘Stand Up,’ and ‘Cut the Line’ from the new record.

Tobin Esperance stated that although Papa Roach has been producing new songs for nearly three decades, they are still inspired and excited to get in the studio. He added that they don’t want to rely on the success of their biggest hits but more so dedicate themselves to having fun making new music and writing new material for future projects. Esperance said he’s eager to get in the studio later this year to make new songs.

Esperance’s thoughts on Papa Roach’s intentions when writing new songs:

“It comes down to feeling grateful that throughout our whole career, we’ve stayed inspired and excited about making music. Whether it’s a number one song or not, it’s just, like, okay, if people like the music, that’s that bonus, but just the fact that we’re excited to jam and write new songs. 

We’re not one of those bands who want to regurgitate the same stuff and live off the success of the early hits. Just because we still have fun making records, writing new songs, and touring after all these years is pretty wild. And I’m still there; I’m already thinking about what we will do next. I’m excited to get in the studio and make some new songs, which I’m hoping to do at the end of this year.”

You can watch the full interview below.