Tobias Forge Reveals A Lemmy Kilmister Song Didn’t Make The Final Cut

In a recent interview with NME, Ghost‘s enigmatic frontman Tobias Forge shared some tantalizing details about the band’s music and their highly anticipated upcoming album. Forge, known for his captivating and mysterious stage persona, gave fans a peek into the creative process behind the Swedish rockers’ latest project. So, hold onto your hats, Ghost enthusiasts! This ride is about to get wild.

Slated for release this May, Ghost’s new album, ‘Phantomime’ will be a five-track cover album featuring reimagined songs from iconic artists such as Iron Maiden and Tina Turner, highlighting Ghost’s versatile musicianship and their ability to tackle a wide range of styles.

According to Forge, the band originally intended to create a full-length album but ultimately decided to focus on five tracks. He explained that the initial idea was to have ten songs on the covers record, which would mirror their previous album, ‘Impera.’

Interestingly, Tobias went on to share that the band had recorded a piano version of a Motörhead song, but it didn’t make the final cut. They had also considered covering songs from other artists, such as Misfits and U2. Even though these tracks didn’t make it onto ‘Phantomime,’ Forge hinted that they could be featured in a future project.

Forge revealed:

“Originally, the idea was to have ten songs on this covers record because I wanted to make a complete record, and that LP was going to basically mirror ‘Impera’ somehow. Originally, the selection was a little bit more eclectic. Look, I’m not going into great detail about them because we might use some of them at a later point. But it was basically like a piano version of a Motörhead song.

There was [also] a Misfits song that was really cool and a U2 track. We recorded it all. In fact, we did a really finished demo of Rush‘s ‘Distant Early Warning,’ and then after ‘Impera,’ I was just like, ‘I want to do a rock EP. A pure rock EP!'”

Whether it’s a piano rendition of a Motörhead classic or a surprising take on a Tina Turner hit, Ghost continues to push the boundaries of their artistry with ‘Phantomime.’ So, keep your ears peeled and your spirits high because the haunting sounds of Ghost’s ‘Phantomime’ will soon be echoing in our ears.