Tobias Forge Explains His ‘Long Term Goal’ For Ghost

What’s next for the Nameless Ghouls of Ghost? However, they are not so nameless anymore following frontman Tobias Forge aka Papa Emeritus IV.’s decision to reveal his bandmates’ identities after 12 years of keeping their faces hidden from the public. During his recent conversation with Loudwire, it sounded like they have no plans to get off the track, but Forge aims to take Ghost to the next level by bringing their shows to the outdoors.

The frontman envisages turning Ghost concerts into massive outdoor shows; to him, no other band has done that better than Rammstein. “Rammstein, obviously, is the perfect example of that,” Forge raves. “If you look at a show they did in 1995, it’s basically the same gags; they’re doing the same things; it’s just magnified and placed out in this huge field.”

“I think that Ghost could do that, but in order to make that happen, you need to be able to sell a lot of tickets everywhere,” explained Forge about the logistics behind that kind of spectacle. “It costs so much to make that show that you can not just do it once, you can not do it twice, you can not do it ten times, you need to do it so many times, and it takes such a long time to recover that money. You’re literally burning money. That would be my long-term goal.”

Even though it will be extremely tough to pull that kind of show off, Forge is determined to make that happen for Ghost in the long term, where they can do massive shows for fans. His goal may not be that far off, as they became one of the bands that took over the reins this year with their risky ‘Impera’ album. Although it was bound to get reactions, it also made it stand out from the band’s previous releases.