Tim Ripper Owens Compares Himself To Alice Cooper And Lemmy Kilmister

Tim Ripper Owens recently sat down to chat with Joshua Toomey of the Talk Toomey Podcast to discuss updates on his career. One of the topics they touched on was Owens being named one of the top 50 metal vocalists amongst massive names like Lemmy Kilmister and Alice Cooper.

The list comes out every year, and it generally receives a bit of backlash as fans want their top vocalist to make it there, along with some of the most celebrated names in the metal scene. According to Ripper, it is a privilege to make it on the list with the likes of Lemmy Kilmister, whom he refers to as the God.

There is no need to say the pleasure of being right next to a vocalist and icon like Alice Cooper. He is more than appreciative to be regarded as one of the best among so many names he admires and looks up to in the metal scene. He also believes that his versatile singing style deserves to be recognized in those kinds of lists.

The singer’s words on being on the same list as Lemmy Kilmister and Alice Cooper:

“It’s great. Everybody is mad somebody’s not on the list, and listen, I haven’t made a ton of those lists. I remember looking at some list in the past, ‘How are you putting these people under that list?’ But listen, I’m not going to nitpick anybody. I think there are many singers I think should be on there but it’s kind of singer in popularity.

Now, this did say top singers, and Lemmy’s on it. Some will say, ‘I don’t like Udo.’ Well, I love Udo, and he sounds as good now as ever. But you know, I mean, obviously, Lemmy’s on there because he’s God, you know, so I’m just happy.

I always think that if you just took singing wise, I could be in the top ten of any list of heavy metal because I know I can sing anything someone throws at me, but when you’re sandwiched between, I forget who I was between, but I know Alice Cooper was the one ahead of me I’m thinking, ‘Man, I’m right next to Alice Cooper.’ I mean, I’ll take that man, oh man.”

Owens is well aware of the power of his voice and what he can do with it. Yet, for him, being popular enough within the crowd to get a spot among so many infleuntial vocalists is still a momentous occassion to celebrate. Which others do you think should have made it on the list?