Thrilling New Details About New Guns N’ Roses Album Is Revealed By The Band’s Stage Tech

In a recent clip shared on Facebook, Guns N’ Roses stage tech Tom Mayhue confirmed that there will be new music dropping very soon. The tech expressed:

“So I’ve been with the band forever; we’re just getting ready to finish up this portion of our Guns N’ Roses European tour. And I know that the band’s going to start working on new music. They’ve got a bunch of stuff recorded already. So there will be new Guns N’ Roses music very soon. In fact, I think they’re trying to get a single out any day now, so you may hear something very, very soon.”

The tech added that the new album has a similar sound to ‘Appetite for Destruction’ by saying:

“It’s a lot more, kind of Appetite-orientated. They had a lot of songs when the band went in originally and recorded ‘Appetite for Destruction,’ I think they recorded 29 songs. So there’s a bunch of other music that was left over that didn’t make the first record.”

Just last month, Urban Sound Studios shared a photo of Slash and Axl Rose on their official Instagram account, which caused rumors of new material. The studio wrote:

“F*cking great!! We got to hang out with these two rock legends in the studio today. Really cool, guys! (The two in the middle) The band wanted a nice studio with a variety of speakers and headphones to listen to new mixes before they head for Glastonbury. It sounds awesome!”

From the stage tech’s comments, it seems that new material is on the way. In the meantime, you can listen to ‘Appetite for Destruction’ below.

You can read Guns N’ Roses stage tech Tom Mayhue’s words that he said in a clip on Facebook here.