The Who’s Roger Daltrey Says He Refused An Offer From The Voice

Television programs might help upcoming artists attract the spotlight. The Voice, for instance, has allowed musicians to take the stage and make a name for themselves. However, the reality may not be as dreamy as it sounds. The Who’s Roger Daltrey pointed out the darker side of The Voice as he chatted with Yungblud for Rolling Stone. The rocker disclosed why he disliked the show and revealed that he was asked to be a judge.

The Voice was mentioned when Yungblud opened up about his struggles before achieving fame. The young rocker told Daltrey that he didn’t know what to do when he first came to London and tried several things to achieve commerciality. Eventually, he and his friends decided to release their music via the internet, and a promoter discovered their video.

“When I came [to London from Doncaster], I started playing gigs and went to art school for a bit, and I was completely lost,” recalled Yungblud as he disclosed how the Voice had invited him to the show. “We put a video on the internet that we’d made, and a young A&R found it and went into Virgin, and then went, ‘All right, let’s put you on the Voice.’ I was like, ‘No f*cking way.’”

“Thank goodness,” added Roger upon hearing Yungblud’s decision. “They wanted me to be a judge on that, and I just wouldn’t do it. I’m not gonna judge anyone’s singing — you’re only going to squash their spirit, whatever you say.”

Daltrey pointed out how judging anyone’s musical talents on TV can be problematic. Even though it could have been an excellent way for him to profit, Roger refused the Voice’s offer to be a judge on the show because it went against his ideals. For the rocker, he couldn’t have judged anyone’s singing as it would crush their spirit.