The Whitesnake Album David Coverdale Couldn’t Stand To Hear

Artists try to do their best while producing and recording new music. Still, the final output might not sound exactly how they wanted it. Fortunately, musicians always have a chance to revisit their old works and rearrange them according to how they actually want them to sound. Remastered versions allow artists to remove flaws and provide a ‘cleaner’ listening experience to the audience.

They can remove the parts they don’t want to include or introduce new elements to enrich the content of the songs. It is quite common for musicians to go back to their original tapes and create a new rendition of their records. Whitesnake’s long-serving frontman David Coverdale was also dissatisfied with one of the band’s albums, leading him to revisit it almost three decades later to produce a more high-quality one.

David Coverdale Didn’t Enjoy ‘Slip Of The Tongue’

Whitesnake’s eighth studio album, ‘Slip of the Tongue,’ dropped in 1989 and featured ten original songs co-written by the singer David Coverdale and the guitarist Adrian Vandenberg. Even though Adrian was supposed to handle the guitar parts during the recording process, he couldn’t play due to a hand injury and was replaced by Steve Vai. Rudy Sarzo delivered the bass parts, while Tommy Aldridge played the drums.

Three players, Don Airey, David Rosenthal, and Claude Gaudette, handled the keyboard parts, but this collaborative work was not satisfying for David Coverdale. In an interview with Eon Music in 2020, the singer explained why he didn’t enjoy listening to the original version of ‘Slip of the Tongue.’

“One of the things that’s very noticeable on the original recordings – it’s all ’80s keyboards, which I can’t stand. They totally date it,” said the frontman, explaining that keyboard parts of that record were outdated, making him eager about a new version.

“The original tracks have got the wonderful musician who I’m still working with – Tommy Aldridge – and the f*cking seven-string sorcerer, this breathtaking virtuoso Steve Vai, so there’s nothing in there that needed working on. But what I needed was a Jon Lord Hammond organ. Thank god, I found Derek Sherinian, who – and I know he won’t mind me saying this – Derek’s like the illegitimate son of Jon Lord,” he continued.

So, in Whitesnake’s 2020 compilation album, ‘Love Songs,’ Coverdale decided to release new renditions of two songs from ‘Slip of the Tongue.’ He revisited ‘The Deeper the Love’ and ‘Now You’re Gone,’ adding new keyboard parts played by Derek Sherinian.

“He respects the work he’s doing – which is huge – and the material’s very strong,” the singer explained, referring to Sherinian’s contribution to the remastered tracks. “So he just played his ass off for us, and you can hear it. Not only that, but Chris and I found guitar licks that Steve had done, which, for whatever f*cking reason, we ignored back in ’89 whenever we were doing it. So Steve’s thrilled! [Laughs] But I’m glad you noticed that.”

Besides those two tracks from ‘Slip of the Tongue,’ ‘Love Songs’ also included other pieces from the albums like ‘Forevermore,’ ‘Good to Be Bad,’ and ‘Restless Heart.’ Aside from Whitesnake tracks, Coverdale also remastered three songs from his third solo album, ‘Into the Light,’ besides adding three previously unreleased pieces.