The View Apologize For Kyle Falconer And Kieran Webster’s Stage Brawl

In recent entertainment news, a shocking incident unfolded on stage involving Kyle Falconer and Kieran Webster, members of the band The View. What was supposed to be an electrifying performance turned into a scene of chaos, as the two musicians clashed in front of a stunned audience.

On May 10th, the band was performing at The Deaf Institute in Manchester when the situation took an abrupt turn. Immediately after their performance of ‘Skag Trendy’, frontman Kyle Falconer angry, pushed his bandmate Kieran Webster. Things escalated quickly as Falconer threw down his guitar, proceeding to punch and attempt to kick Webster. The other band members and crew had to intervene, breaking up the brawl.

The View acted fast to address the shocking events of the evening. They issued a statement expressing regret over the incident and providing some context to the fans and the public. This response aimed to clarify the situation while also outlining the band’s immediate future plans.

The band’s first statement read:

“Unfortunately, we are having to postpone tonight’s London show. Our promoter is working to resolve the situation. Please keep hold of your tickets for now & we will make a further announcement in a few days. Massive apologies to all our fans.”

In the days following the on-stage altercation, the band issued a further statement. Initially, their show at Oslo in Hackney had been postponed; however, the band confirmed it has now been cancelled altogether because of a ‘brotherly bust-up.’ Addressing the cancellation, the band released an apologetic statement and made sure that their tickets are not wasted.

The second statement followed:

“Sorry to the fans at our show in Manchester and everywhere else that we’ve upset. We had a brotherly bust-up that went too far, and we cannot wait to get back to touring in November and throughout the festival season with you lot. Our show at Oslo Hackney has been cancelled, but all yer tickets will be valid for our show at Scala London in December.”

The incident was an unfortunate and shocking moment for fans and the music community alike. The events have sparked a conversation about the stresses of touring and maintaining harmony within bands. While the band has apologized and has taken steps to make amends, it remains to be seen how this incident will affect their future performances and their relationship with their fanbase.