The Two Musicians Keith Richards Was Blessed To Have

Apart from their talent, a musician’s most important fortune can be finding and working with the right people throughout their careers. The wrong choices could end even the most successful musician’s career. Therefore, an artist must be careful about hiring a singer or instrumentalist to perform together. They should be determined and experienced about their knowledge, musicianship, discipline, and passion for creating and playing music.

Considering Keith Richards’ commercially successful and famous career as The Rolling Stones guitarist and a solo artist, the musician has always been good at making these choices and working with talented artists that can contribute to the musical project’s success. Therefore, it’s not surprising that Richards once admitted feeling lucky and blessed to have some musicians, two of which he named.

Which Musicians Keith Richards Was Lucky To Have?

Keith Richards and Mick Jagger were childhood friends and later realized that they were both interested in blues and rock music from Muddy Waters, Chuck Berry, and Little Richard, with many more. So they started to jam together. In the early 60s, they met the rhythm and blues band Alexis Korner’s Blues Incorporated members, including Brian Jones, Ian Stewart, and drummer Charlie Watts.

Eventually, they decided to found their band, The Rolling Stones, and its first stable line-up consisted of Jagger, Jones, Richards, bassist Bill Wyman, and Watts. The band released 25 studio albums, almost all of which were best-sellers, and they became one of the most influential and popular rock bands in the world. Over time, Richards realized that working with a unique drummer like Watts was essential.

Along with his career in The Rolling Stones, Richards’ solo and side projects also drew significant attention, especially X-Pensive Winos, founded with drummer, co-songwriter, and co-producer Steve Jordan. The drummer performed in Richards’ solo albums, ‘Talk Is Cheap,’ ‘Main Offender,’ ‘Crosseyed Heart.’ The musician proved his talent to the guitarist and his longtime fans many times, so these two drummers contributed significantly to Richards’ success.

In one of his previous conversations, Richards stated that roll, flick, and bounce are essential for creating a musical work. He highlighted the importance of working with talented and extraordinary drummers for that. He revealed that he’s blessed to have Charlie Watts and Steve Jordan, talented instrumentalists who became inseparable parts of the guitarist’s works.

In Richards’ words, he said:

“A lot of European music, and English, come to that, relies on that marching atmosphere, but it’s always been the roll, the flick, and the bounce that has always fascinated me. You need good drummers for that, and I’ve been blessed with Charlie Watts and Steve Jordan!

Unfortunately, less than a decade after that interview, The Rolling Stones icon Charlie Watts passed away on August 24, 2021, after he underwent heart surgery at the age of 80. However, the real cause of his death remained unknown; therefore, Richards only has Jordan left to perform drums for his projects because of this terrible loss.