The Truth About Joey Tempest Of Europe

Currently known by his stage name, Joey Tempest, Rolf Magnus Joakim Larsson gained recognition as the lead vocalist in Europe. The band has created many songs that impacted the metal scene. His passion for music began at a very young age, and he tried to learn how to play piano and guitar. The musician was interested in Thin Lizzy and Led Zeppelin during his teen years.

In the late ’70s, Larsson established the group Force along with John Norum, Peter Olsson, and Tony Reno. The band instantly started gaining recognition and reaching an audience. The members changed their name to Europe, and their reputation escalated over time with big international hits like ‘The Final Countdown.’ Like his band, Larsson changed his name to ‘Joey Tempest,’ and there’s a meaning behind it.

Force Changed Its Title To Europe

The music world has influenced each other in its creative process for decades. Many musicians can benefit from other essential groups in forming their works and names. Europe and Joey Tempest were among these names inspired by other artists while deciding their titles.

In 1979, Europe started its music journey as Force, but the band changed its title before joining the Rock-SM music contest. In a past interview, Joey Tempest talked about the meaning of the band’s name. As he revealed, Deep Purple’s 1976 album ‘Made in Europe’ inspired him for the group’s name after all members listened to the group’s record.

Joey Tempest explained the story of the band’s name:

“After Deep Purple did ‘Made in Japan,’ they did ‘Made in Europe,’ which is maybe not as good as ‘Made in Japan,’ but we listened to both of them. And that’s where I got the name Europe from. It was really funny when I told the guys, John Leven and John Norum, about my idea of the name for the band that night. I had to get a few beers in them!”

Though the band drew inspiration from another rock group, it wasn’t the only time Tempest got influenced by another artist. Before his band gained recognition, the singer combined literature and a song to create his stage name, ‘Joey Tempest.’

Where Did Joey Tempest’s Name Come From?

Some musicians like to reflect literature in their creations. Previously, The Fall informed that their name came from the Albert Camus novel. Another example was Phil Collins’ reference to the classic novel ‘One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest‘ in his song. Joey Tempest was also one of these names who benefited from literature in his music career.

Larsson changed his name to ‘Joey Tempest’ before stepping onto the music scene. While creating his stage name, he joined the musicians influenced by literature. William Shakespeare and the rock band Kansas inspired him for his name. Joey Tempest’s name came from Shakespeare’s tragicomedy named ‘The Tempest’ and Kansas’ 1977 song ‘Sparks of the Tempest.’