The Truth About Axl Rose And Lana Del Rey Relationship

Guns N’ Roses’ iconic frontman Axl Rose has been known for his several romantic adventures along with his exceptional musical career. Rose has been the subject of many rumors about various women, however, one of them attracted the media’s attention the most.

There have been a lot of rumors about the relationship between Lana Del Rey and Guns N’ Roses frontman, Axl Rose, especially after they were caught together at Chateau Marmont in West Hollywood by paparazzi in 2012. Since then, people have started to wonder what really happened between the two and whether they had a relationship or not.

How Rumors About Axl Rose And Lana Del Rey’s Relationship Started?

As you might know, Lana Del Rey has always been a huge fan of Guns N’ Roses and especially the band’s frontman, Rose. Before they were photographed together, Lana had written a song entitled ‘Axl Rose Husband’ in 2007. Shortly after, she uploaded a demo version of the song to her Myspace page using her stage name Sparkle Jump Rope Queen.

A few years later from this demo, Lana Del Rey and Axl Rose were caught while they were leaving a popular Los Angeles hotel and bar, Chateau Marmont. None of them directly answered the rumors about them after that night. Even though she didn’t say anything, Rey decided to wear a Guns N’ Roses t-shirt for her private concert at Camden Jazz Café after a couple of days.

Also, she attended two concerts of the band in the same month. Then, Rey continued to record songs about him. Along with her third studio album ‘Ultraviolence,’ a bonus track entitled ‘Guns and Roses’ was released in 2014. The song describes a heavy metal boyfriend who loves guns and roses. It tells a sad story about how she lost him because she wasn’t the marrying kind.

What Did Axl Rose’s Bandmates State About His Relationship With Lana Del Rey?

Guns N’ Roses former guitarist, DJ Ashba ended the rumors saying he didn’t think that they were dating. According to him, they were just hanging out and Axl is a cool man who liked to be with other cool people like Lana Del Rey.

Here is what DJ Ashba stated about the rumors regarding Axl and Lana’s relationship:

“I don’t think they’re dating. Axl is a really cool dude and he likes to hang out with cool people.”

Neither Lana Del Rey nor Axl Rose directly accepted or denied anything about them. Rey continued to be a super fandom and Rose remained silent about that night. Although people can find some clues about them, they couldn’t truly know what happened between them.